Counseling Services Include:

Individual Counseling

Full attention is provided to the individual and it is an opportunity to focus on yourself, your strengths and the areas you want to address.

Family Counseling, Couples Therapy & Relationship Counseling

It is uncommon that our struggles don’t impact the lives of our loved ones and sometimes even our work relationships. It can be helpful to have a counselor facilitate communication in a nonbiased, nonjudgmental way.

Group Counseling

Counselor facilitated groups provide support and understanding while working on similar struggles. Group therapy can promote knowledge, understanding, and helpful feedback from group members who are there to reach similar goals.

Pre-marital counseling:

Client’s wanting premarital counseling and would like to complete the course, a certificate for the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court is provided at completion of premarital counseling. I am a current provider for premarital counseling with Hillsborough County Clerk of Court.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Typically, sessions in the office are approximately 50 minutes however there are alternative session options available.

While the duration of counseling depends on your specific situation, the treatment goals tend to be geared more toward short-term.

As a fee-for-service practice, Teeling Counseling Services, provides individualized private care that is not dictated by insurance companies or third parties. Clients are treated with respect and the understanding of individual differences and needs. Due to the challenges of potential insurance confidentiality issues and to not have to document a client’s diagnosis for reimbursement, we chose not to offer services as an “in-network provider” for insurance companies. However we can provide the paperwork for insurance reimbursement if that is what the client chooses.