Life Transitions

Grief Counseling, Life after Loss and/or Divorce Grief

Starting over after a loss can be a difficult road to face.

This may be the first time you are feeling you are on your own or having to take on a new life role. There are many techniques and options to learn how to honor who/what is lost and continue to move forward.

Counseling for Career Changes or Job Loss

Career changes can feel stressful, overwhelming, and trigger feelings of inadequacy

Counseling for Life After High School & College

Worried about life after high school?

High school can be challenging enough without having to plan for the future.

Feelings of worry, sadness, & even excitement are common for both students and parents during this time.

Transitions like career or educational changes can be a difficult adjustment.

After we establish your individual needs, Teeling Counseling and Coaching Services can help with:

  • goal planning
  • communication tools
  • stress management
  • strategies to deal with general mental health issues

Is starting college overwhelming?

Freshman year is a unique time & often stressful for students and parents. This may be the first time the student is living on their own or having new responsibilities in their life.